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Mark Hayes (drummer)

Hey World, I'm Mark Hayes out there playing drums and searching for an opportunity!

 I am reaching out to you all, to lend my services as a live drummer.  I’ve spent the last five years making a living as a chef in Tallahassee, Florida.  My passion for cooking has always been secondary to my devotion to music and as I face a  crossroads in my life I know that my loyalties lie with a pair of sticks, maple shells, and some hardware.


I have always been attracted to the power of music and I have spent the last 15 years playing drums in several original bands: MSTD, Presence, Foot To The Head, and Righteous Groove.


~Main Street Devidian~
Growing up near the beach in Destin, Florida, I was surrounded with the “local” beach music, which consisted mainly of Jimmy Buffet covers and acoustic sets.  As a teenager in the 1990s, I loathed the idea of playing in a cover band that would play “Cheeseburger In Paradise.”  MSTD (Main Street Devidian) took a slightly different approach to being a live cover band, by playing Jane’s Addiction, Live, Primus, Soul Coughing, Dave Matthews, and Rage Against The Machine.  I have my Mom to thank for letting me play my drums until all hours of the night…even on a school night.


Presence was formed soon after two of the members of MSTD relocated to Atlanta, Georgia.   D.J. Stange  
bass-player from MSTD, and myself wanted to begin a new project that didn’t involve playing cover sets on the beach.  I had reached a point as a drummer, where I was ready to start writing my own music and playing a completely original set, live.   Mark Hayes : Professional Drummer 7 Chef de Cuisine

 Once the drums and bass were accounted for the next step was filling the next two slots, guitar and vocals.  The remaining players were soon found in Tallahassee, Florida.  J Slim ( vocals) and Eddie Gay (guitars) joined the band in  (( YEAR )) and the set list began to take form.  Presence became the first original music project that involved writing original songs, playing live shows and recording in studios.  

Presence crept onto the Tallahassee music scene and soon became a legitimate force to be reckoned with.  Presence frequented the FSU bar, “The Sweet Shop” and soon became known as one of the best original local bands in Tallahassee.  With each performance, the audience and the fans became more and more plentiful.  The knowledge and experience I gained while playing drums with Presence, undoubtedly prepared me for my future musical endeavors and enabled me to re-evaluate my purpose in the music industry. 


~Righteous Groove~
Once Presence dissolved in 1999, I began playing drums for Tallahassee band, Righteous Groove whose Latin-rock influence enabled me to broaden my drumming abilities.  Their original drummer had re-located to his native Miami, and despite his departure, the remaining members of the band were still determined to continue living the dream.  Because Presence and Righteous Groove had shared the stage several times in Tallahassee, the guys from Righteous Groove approached me about being their new drummer.  I learned their set-list in record time, and within a couple of weeks we played our first show in Tallahassee.Mark Hayes Professional Drummer & Chef De Cusine



A two-piece project that Jake Fallon(bass player extrodinaire) and I worked on for a year or so.

We recorded a ton of stuff. Adats and Adats of jams, and song ideas. Funk, Funk, Funk. Hence the name of he project. Jakes ideas and production abilities gave us some endless avenues to creep down. I will be getting a player up with those tracks so everyone can hear Jake play his bass! He is great!!!- mark_


  Original progressive alt-rock band grOund out of Tallahassee, with guitarist Toby Holcomb.  Holcomb has worked with such musicians as: Will Hunt (Evanescence, Tommy Lee, and Dark New Day), and Robbie Merrill  (Godsmack and Another Animal).

The concept of grOund originated in Ft. Walton Beach, Florida within the padded walls of the infamous Spencer Drive.  Once the 2-piece moved to Tallahassee the prospect of full-filling the spot of the bass player became such a task, that eventually Holcomb and I decided to move forward as a 2-Piece, by tracking the bass lines and the segways used for live performances.  
Holcomb and I have always been the constant creative force in grOund and as a result the transformation from a 3-piece to a 2-piece was a relatively natural transition.


~Kill Clouseau~mArk hAyes : Drummer & Chef

Currently writing and performing with Kill Clouseau out of Tallahassee.

We have been up to record with the Producer and Engineer of various great acts such as.... Coheed and Cambria, Three, The Sleeping, John Mayer, Madeski, Martin, And Woods, Blondie, Bad Brains.... You get it! Mike Birnbaum, And Chris Bittner did a killer job on the new album!

It'll out soon!!!!

Keep your ears open!




This  band is a  project I started with Richie Nix, John Nix, and Kate DeQuatro.

I have relinquished my reigns. I look foward to hearing the new line-up.




Thanks for checking out my site and make sure to hit me up on Facebook.


Mark Hayes



Mark Hayes (drummer)'s Background

Mark Hayes (drummer)'s Experience

Executive Chef at Killearn Country Club

| Tallahassee

Executive Chef at A La Provence

| Tallahassee

Drummer at grOund

| Tallahassee

2-piece Alternative Rock Band

Drummer at Kill Clouseau

| Tallahassee

Progressive Hard-Rock Band

Drummer at 50lb. Head

| Thomasville, Ga.

Doom/Stoner Rock Band

Drummer at Ego Suite

| Tallahassee

Post-Hardcore Band

Drummer at Presence

| Tallahassee

Original Drummer

Mark Hayes (drummer)'s Education

Tallahassee Community College

Mark Hayes (drummer)'s Interests & Activities

Music, Drumming, Cooking, Paiste Cymbals, Darkhorse Percussion, Propellerheads Reason, Protools, Drummer for Hire, Touring, Session, Kill Clouseau, grOund, Summer Hayes, Thomas Keller, Grant Achatz, Molecular Gastronomy,

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